Cemetery Board Annual Report 2019

Cemetery Board Annual Report 2019

Cemetery Board

St Paul’s United Church of Christ

Annual Report 2019

We would like to thank each of you for your generous contributions and support to St. Paul’s of Monee Cemetery. We could not maintain our beautiful grounds without your continued support. 

2019 Cemetery Board election resulted in Christina Holston as President, Darren Deutsche as Secretary and Josh Reading as Treasurer.  Gary Ramirez, and Rachel White agreed to remain involved as advisors.  

Brian Cann was retained for the 2019 mowing season. Brian and his crew did an excellent job and saved the congregation a considerable amount of money from past years. We are happy with their service.

There were 8 burials this year and 2 new plot sales. 

Cleanup days were held in May and September.  The local DAR chapter helped with clean up and also planted flowers.

The Monee Alliance of Churches’ community garden was a great success.  All produce from the garden goes to local food pantries. The garden was well maintained during the growing season and was expanded by 4 boxes so there are now a total of 10.

The third annual fund-raising letter campaign to raise money for lawn care and improvements was a success. The donation envelopes in the pews generated a small but steady revenue stream.

Between the lower lawn care costs and the donation revenue, the cemetery is in a better financial position that at the close of 2019.  The bulk of the funds remain in reserve for the perpetual care of the cemetery. Routine lawn care was the only expense this year, as several downed trees were removed by volunteer labor.

Funds from donations and memorial contributions have been earmarked to plan and execute improvements to the memorial garden in 2020.  A committee is being formed to plan and execute these upgrades. Please contact a cemetery board member if you would like to be a part of this planning group. All memorial money is also added to this fund.  

Beginning balance in the cemetery account in 2019 was $ 47,952.01

Ending balance in the cemetery account as of December 2019 is $ 63,313.01

We appreciate the support from the congregation and to all friends of St Paul’s historic cemetery, who helped make 2019 a year in which we continued to improve the financial health of the cemetery and continue to head in a positive direction. 

Thanks again for helping us keep St. Paul’s Cemetery a beautiful resting place for our loved ones. 

Respectfully submitted

Christi Holston, President