St. Paul’s Cemetery Letter

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March 24, 2016

Dear Friends of St Paul’s Cemetery, 

St Paul’s Cemetery in Monee has always been a place of quiet reflection and gentle repose. When I was a child I can remember walking hand in hand with my Dad as he told me the stories of the people who had come before us. It still feels good to visit the graves of family and friends and to take a few minutes in the quiet park-like atmosphere to reflect. When we come to lay flowers on the graves of our loved ones, and remember them, it is comforting to see a neatly trimmed and well maintained cemetery, full of trees and flowers. It is a good feeling to know that someone is taking care of and maintaining their final resting place.

The Cemetery Board of St. Paul’s wishes to thank you for your past support and also to seek your help.

The Cemetery Board is kicking off its first-ever fundraising campaign.

St. Paul’s Cemetery is run as a separate entity from the church. After years of maintaining St. Paul’s Cemetery using revenues raised through plot sales, interest income and donations, the current realities of declining plot sales and record-low investment interest rates have made it impossible for us to do anything but maintain the cemetery in its current condition.

We want to not only maintain the cemetery but also make improvements by replacing trees (we lost five old majestic Ash Trees last year to the Ash Bore Beetle), adding welcome/information signs, park benches, new trash cans and upgrade the Memorial Garden which has fallen into neglect.

Your donation will make this possible.

Our 2016 goal for this fund raising drive is $10,000.


Please send your check payable to: St. Paul’s UCC of Monee / Cemetery Fund

PO Box 10, Monee IL 60449

You will receive an acknowledgement for your tax-deductible donation.

Please also consider remembering St Paul’s Cemetery in your Will with a bequest.

Visit the church’s website for cemetery information or contact us at

Thank you again for your prayerful consideration and generous support.


Christi Holston Secretary,

St. Paul’s Cemetery Board

Carl Lowe, Christi Holston, Judie Popp, Darren Deutsche, Gary Ramirez and Rachel White

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