Cemetery Voice Update March 2018

Published April 10, 2018 by David Holston Holston in Cemetery

The 2018 St. Paul’s Cemetery board, met on 2/13.

The new board consists of Christi Holston President, Judie Popp Secretary, and Josh Reading Treasurer. Pastor Peggy Johnson and Church Council President Alyce Stocking are Ex Officio members as well.

A new Sign Board with maps and other pertinent information will be installed shortly in the Memory Garden.  Thanks to Gary Ramirez and Bing Bisping who have donated their time and the materials to build this beautiful new addition to the cemetery!  There will be a map of the cemetery showing were all of the plots are located, as well as an alphabetical listing of all those interred at St Paul’s so it will be easy for everyone to find their loved one’s grave.

The Spring cemetery cleanup day will be April 14 from 8-12.  We will be picking up branches and getting the cemetery in shape for the first mowing of the season.  The more we are able to clear the ground, the less there will be for our mowers to do and that will save us some money!  If you know of any teens who need a service project for the extra-curricular credit towards scholarships etc, invite them along!  We can provide a letter of participation for them.  Please wear long pants and shirts as poison ivy has been found in the past. Also, glove, clippers, trimmers, loppers and baskets for the clipping are very useful!

Please remember that all worn and faded decorations will be removed on clean-up day.  If you are tending to your family’s grave in the meantime, please dispose of any decorations that are not plant—based in the trash bins you find around the grounds.  PLEASE DO NOT dispose of them in the burn pile at the south end of the cemetery.  We need to burn this pile periodically and the Fire Department will not allow us to burn the dried branches and grass clippings if there are any plastic or artificial flower decorations in the pile.

Thank you to all who have donated thus far to the 2018 annual fundraising drive.  We appreciate your support!  The next fund-raising drive will not be until 2019, but we welcome donations any time.

Hope to see everyone on April 14!

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