Cemetery Board Annual Report 2015

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Cemetery Board
St Paul’s United Church of Christ
Annual Report 2015

Cemetery Board election was held. Carl Lowe will continue as President and Christi Holston as Secretary and Judie Popp was elected Treasurer. Darren Deutsche, Gary Ramirez and Rachel White have agreed to remain involved as advisors.

Lawn Care companies were contacted to place bids. Garcia & Sons Landscaping was selected and employed for the 2015 mowing season. We are not happy with their service and have decided to explore other solution for 2016.

We will be accepting bids for lawn care in February 2016, and are also revisiting the option of
owning our own equipment and employing people to mow, church members if possible.

There were four Burials this year and no new plot sales.

A cleanup day was held in September.

A page for cemetery news, history and a donation portal has been initiated and will be a project for 2016.

We took bids for the removal of four dead Ash trees and chose Homer Tree Service for the job. Because of the wet weather, they have been unable to bring their heavy equipment into the cemetery as yet. They will contact us to reschedule the removal as soon as weather permits.

Due to rising lawn cares cost, declining plot sales and low interest rates, the Cemetery bank accounts are being depleted.

Beginning balance in the operating account $10,422.22
Ending balance in the operating account $5,837.39
Without a $6000. Transfer from the saving’s account the balance would be -$162.61
Beginning balance in the savings account $33,023.53
Ending balance in the saving’s account $27,048.90

The Cemetery Board will launch a letter campaign in February to solicit donations from those with loved ones interred at St Paul’s in an effort to raise enough funds to cover annual expenses without dipping into savings any further.

Respectfully submitted
Christina Holston, Secretary

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